How does governance work in our Trust?

 Key Principles:

  1. Each part of the governance structure is committed to the success of the family of schools in our Trust and wider partnerships.
  2. Professional management and leadership of the schools is delivered by the education professionals employed by the Trusts.
  3. Governance by all bodies in our Trust is about:
    • Setting and carefully reviewing the strategic direction
    • Ensuring that public money is spent wisely to give value for money and best outcomes for our children and young people
    • Determining and upholding the ethos and values of the Trust
    • Holding our educational professional to account for the standards, impact and performance of our schools
    • Supporting and encouraging the work of the schools and school leaders
    • Acting as ambassadors for the individual school and the Trust as whole

All parts of our governance are highly valued as together our work creates success at each level for our schools. The Board and  Academy Committees (Local Governing Bodies) work collaboratively in partnership at all times. The Board will make decisions, following consultation with Academy Committees (LGBs), on matters which affect all academies in the Trust. The Academy Committee (LGB) will make decisions on matters which affect their individual academies.

Academy Committees (Local Governing Bodies) and their Principals in the Trust should be as autonomous as possible and have as much freedom as possible in order to achieve excellence for their school.

There does have to be a primacy of decision making in any successfully run enterprise and a school, or family of schools, is no different. Therefore the need for a Scheme of Delegation. Our accountability framework is strong and goes in more than one direction. The Board must take action, including the withdrawal or partial withdrawal of delegated authorities to individuals, groups and  Academy Committees (LGBs)  should the individual, group or AC (LGB), fail to carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively.

The Members

The Members have ultimate responsibility for achieving the Trust’s charitable aims. They have the power to appoint and remove Directors and have the right to amend the Trust’s Articles of Association. They do not have a strategic or day to day role.

The Academy Committee (The Local Governing Body)

The Academy Committee of each school – holds the Principal and Senior Leaders of their schools to account.  They work most closely with the professional leaders in their schools on behalf of: children, young people, parents and the community. Their primary concern is that their children or young people have a great experience at school and are well safeguarded.  They ensure that progress is strong and targets are monitored, achieved and reported on to the Board. They represent the interests of pupils and parents to the Board and in turn hold the CEO and the Board to account for ensuring standards of learning and welfare are kept high.  Each  Academy Committee (Local Governing Body) has 9 Governors.

Directors of the Trust

Directors of the Trust collectively are The Board – They work directly with the CEO to ensure successful delivery of Trust goals. Their primary concern is ensuring the Trust is run properly and to plan strategically for the overall success of every child in each school. The Board controls financial and risk management functions for the Trust as a whole. Directors hold the Academy Committees (Local Governing Bodies) accountable for the progress, protection and partnerships of their school – the three Ps. They review the workings of the CEO.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the Board.  He makes recommendations to the Board and LGBs and line manages and reviews the workings of the Principals. His primary role is school improvement and leadership capacity.  He line manages the Finance Director of the Trust and HR Director.

The Principals or School Headteachers

The Principals or School Headteachers are responsible for the day to day running of the school.  They sit on the Professional Executive Board (PEB).  The PEB is chaired by the CEO and each Principal is supported and line managed by the CEO, reporting to them and their Academy Committee (Local Governing Body).