are we?

Who are we?

Tudor Park Education Trust was set up in December 2015 with two partner schools – Springwest Academy and Logic Studio School. The Rise is a co-located partner special free school. We are therefore an experienced small Trust used to working together across two quite different schools with a strong established central team which includes finance, HR and IT managed services. We have experience in supporting other schools outside of our Trust.  

How does it feel to be part of our Trust? 

Come and experience it for yourself, whether you’re a governor, a member of a school leadership team or a member of staff.  We are open and honest and happy to welcome people into any level of our work to feel and share our enthusiasm for what we do.  We are always positive and highly invested in our people, our communities and partnerships.  We always put people first.  We are creative, forward thinking and purposeful.  We listen to each other, learn from each other and work together.  We are proud of each other and what we achieve together.  Energetic and enthusiastic  with people at the heart of everything. 

Academy Committees (Local Governing Bodies) and their Principals in the Trust should be as autonomous as possible and have as much freedom as possible in order to achieve excellence for their school. Academic Committees and Principals share a high level of alignment and as such have a great deal of autonomy. Each school has its own character but we share the same goals and our core values hold us together for the  benefit of the whole family.  

As a small trust we very much work together to shape our future.  The Principals and CEO meet regularly to share leadership and ensure the quality of our work.  They in turn meet together with chairs of the Academy Committees and the Board to do some of the more detailed work on strategy and development.  Staff at all levels work together to develop exciting training and development opportunities at a whole school and department level.  This works well because we are people centred, imaginative and flexible, always looking for how we can work together to strengthen the power of each other to make a difference to the outcomes for children and young people.


Each part of our governance structure is committed to the success of the family of schools in our Trust and wider partnerships.

We believe in strong governance both at Board and school level.  The Academy Committees (Local Governing Bodies) in our schools know their schools well.  All parts of our governance are highly valued as together our work creates success for our schools. The Academy Committees work collaboratively in partnership at all times. The Board will make decisions, following consultation with Academy Committees, on matters which affect all academies in the Trust. The Academy Committee will make decisions on matters which affect their individual academies. We have a clear scheme of delegation which is regularly reviewed by all stakeholders.  

Directors of the Trust collectively are The Board – They work directly with the CEO to ensure successful delivery of Trust goals. Their primary concern is ensuring the Trust is run properly and to plan strategically for the overall success of every child in each school. The Board controls financial and risk management functions for the Trust as a whole. Directors hold the Academy Committees accountable for the progress, protection and partnerships of their school – the three Ps. 


Future focussed and passionate about education.  Together we make a difference every day.

Where do we want to go?

We want to be a small collaboration of local schools of all ages, working together for the benefit of the individual and the whole.  We will continue to be connected to wider partnerships that are outward looking and energising; influencing the broader educational landscape. We will provide challenge and strong leadership to ensure our vision is achieved.

Why do we want to grow?

We are already a well established small Trust, experienced in partnership working with a strong central core that helps to maximise achievement for all.  We are inspired by the success of our schools and our students. Open minded, future focused and passionate about education. Together we are stronger and make a difference every day.  

We are now ready to join together with other local schools to grow our family.  We want to be a small collaboration of local schools of all ages, working together for the benefit of the individual and the whole.  We will continue to be connected to wider partnerships that are outward looking and energising; influencing the broader educational landscape  We will grow carefully and slowly with people who share our values.  Together we will ensure sustained inspirational leadership that will bring about excellence in teaching and learning with increased  opportunity for all of our schools, our families and local community.

We believe that as a family of schools we can:

  • work together to ensure excellent sustained leadership
  • support each other for the highest level of impact
  • provide challenge, opportunity and excitement for all who work in our trust 
  • continually improve what we do by building on our shared strengths
  • ensure that we improve educational outcomes for all children including those with SEND and those facing disadvantage
  • be focussed on learning from each other at the same time as reaching outwards to our wider partnerships
  • best support our local families and local communities

What’s our personality?

  • Positive and invested
  • Energetic and flexible
  • Honest and generous
  • Outward looking
  • Listening and learning

What do we believe in?

  • Strong Leadership
  • Learning from each other
  • Openness
  • Community
  • Opportunity for every child