Scheme of Delegation

Key Principles of our Scheme of Delegation

Local Governing Bodies – The Three Ps of Responsibility


  • Recommend targets for achievement and the school development plan
  • Review progress regularly – ensuring progress gaps are closed or closing
  • Review curriculum
  • Review teaching for learning strategies
  • Monitor ongoing professional development of staff
  • Ensure performance management of staff is carried out and robust
  • Ensure SMSC offer is strong
  • Report to the Board



  • Monitor and review all safeguarding procedures – student welfare is of highest priority
  • Monitor the school site for safety and accessibility
  • Monitor the progress of Looked after Children, children with SEND and those on CP plan
  • Review all arrangements for ensuring health and wellbeing of the school community
  • Monitor attendance, punctuality and exclusions targets and report
  • Review transition arrangements and CEIAG
  • Monitor safer recruitment practices
  • Listen and respond to feedback from stakeholders



  • Consult with the Board in agreeing a funding model and review compliance at school level
  • Consult with the Finance Director in respect of the budget requirements of the school
  • Consult with the Board on the determination and allocation of central services
  • Recommend two governors to sit on the appointment panel for a new Principal
  • Appoint school staff as recommended by Principal / Head
  • Recommend new governors and LGB chair and vice-chair
  • Review the training requirements of governors and work with wider partnership networks on sharing best practice
  • Ensure the school and trust are represented in a strong network of wider partnerships to the benefit of the Trust and its wider educational community
  • Work with the Clerk of the Trust and the Directors to ensure that reporting and lines of accountability are clear
  • Proactively manage the reputation of the school within the community


The role of the Board is strategic – ‘PPR’ of responsibilities


  1. Strategic Purpose


  • Overall accountability for the progress and attainment of all children and young people in the Trust, including standards of teaching and leadership
  • Overall accountability for the safeguarding and welfare of all children and young people in our schools.
  • Setting the strategic direction and purpose of the Trust including its core values and ethos that set up future school partnerships, entrance and exits
  • The reputation of the Trust as a model of excellence that can benefit wider educational partnerships
  • Risk management and audit
  • Accountable for Trust wide policies and on setting the Admissions Policy


  1. Strategic People


  • The appointment and overall performance of the Chief Executive Officer
  • Holding the Chief Executive Officer and Principals to account for the educational performance of the schools and the quality of teaching and learning
  • Holding the Chief Executive Officer to account for the health and wellbeing of all staff and pupils within the Trust
  • Ensuring there is a coherent HR strategy in place that makes the best use of the people employed in the Trust.
  • Ensuring that the Principals and School Headteachers are accountable for delivering on the key priorities set out in the School Development Plans, with robust performance management linked to the key outcomes.
  • Ensuring that there is a strong commitment to the personal and professional development of all people employed in the Trust in recognition of the importance of each person to the success of all.
  • Ensuring the key strategic people remain giving of their time, energy and enthusiasm to our wider partnerships.


3.  Strategic Resources


  • Holding the Chief Executive Officer and the Finance Director to account for the financial and risk management of the Trust.
  • Ensuring financial probity, stability
  • Ensuring compliance with all financial regulations
  • Overall effectiveness and efficiency of the use of all Trust resources
  • Establish trust-wide HR policies
  • Ensuring there is a coherent property strategy
  • Ensuring there is a coherent IT strategy