Pecuniary Interests

Below are details of our Directors’ business and pecuniary interests (current) and attendance at meetings 2019-20

Below is a list of our Members and their business and pecuniary interests.

Board of Directors: Business and Pecuniary Interests
Type of Director Name Date appointed End Additional role Employer Other Declared Interests Meetings (2019-20) Number attended
Appointed Michael Cooper 08.12.19 07.12.23 Retired Trustee: Citizen Advice Cornwall Peninsula Learning Trust: Chair of Trust Kings Academy Trust:                         Governor: Truro & Penwith College  Director                  Son: Governor with LSS LGB 5 5
Appointed Victoria Eadie 08.12.15 N/A CEO Accounting Officer Tudor Park Education Trust Son: LSS employee Director: Bolder Academy

Member & Director of Hounslow Education Partnership

5 5
Elected Daniella Lawson 05.12.17 16.10.21 Chair of SA LGB

Vice Chair of Board

Carole and Geoffrey Lawson Foundation 5 5
Appointed Robert Lobatto 08.12.19 07.12.23 King Alfred School (Headteacher) None 5 5
Appointed Julie Pears 08.12.19 07.12.23 Ellandi None 5 4
Appointed Sandy Sehmi 08.12.19 07.12.23 Chair of Audit and Risk J P Morgan Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 5 5
Appointed Charlotte Warner 08.12.19 07.12.23 Chair of Board Trustee: Autism Schools Trust and Ambitious About Autism.  Trustee: Achievement for All 5 4
Elected Richard Jones 18-Oct-19 08.10.22 Vice Chair LSS LGB Bryanston School None 4 4
Name Date appointed End Additional role Employer Other Declared Interests Meetings (2019-20) Number attended
Ken Batty 08-Dec-15 Ken Batty in London Ltd Managing Director: Ken Batty in London Ltd Lay Member: Speaker’s Committee for Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Director: East London NHS Foundation Trust 1 0
Nick Grant 08-Dec-15 J Sainsbury PLC Trustee: CIC Community Partnership Bar Council 1 1
Tom Moore 08-Dec-15 Foresight Group LLP Company Directorship: Sol Technologies Ltd, Atherstone Holdco Ltd, Paddock Wood Holdco, Southam Holdco, Paddock Wood Solar Farm Ltd, Southam Solar Farm Ltd, Atherstone Solar Ltd 1 1
Marjorie Semple 08-Dec-15 Retired None 1 0
David Snaddon 08-Dec-15 Vice Chair SA LGB Brother: AC Business occasionally used by the Trust 1 1