Springwest Academy

 Name                            Category  Dates
Ms Mariella Wilson Principal 08/12/2015
Ms Daniella Lawson Chair and Director  23/03/2017
Mrs Penny Wilson Co-opted Governor 08/12/2015 – 07/12/2019
Mr Adam House Co-opted Governor Sept 18
Franklin Luis Parent Governor Sept 18
Mr David Snaddon Co-opted Governor 08/12/2015 – 07/12/2019
Mr Rickesh Nagar Co-opted Governor 23/03/2017
Ms Maria Alvarez Staff Governor Sept 18
Clive Brooks  Associate Sept 18

Logic Studio School

 Name                            Category  Dates
Mr Jay Lockwood Principal  07-Jul-16
Ms Fiona Wilson Chair of LSS LGB – Academy Director  07-Jul-16
Ms Shannon Gurney Co-opted – DHL and Vice Chair  07-Jul-16
Mr Simon Cooper Co-opted – H and S Committee   07-Jul-16
Mr Richard Jones Co-opted – Safeguarding 08-Oct – 18
Mr John Anang’a Co-opted – Gaia  07-Jul-16
Shumaila Bari Parent Governor 20-March – 18
Tbc Parent Governor
Scarlett Dickenson Staff Governor  05-Oct-16
Mr Simon Cooper Co-opted  23-Jan-17