TPET meeting dates for Directors and Governors (2020-21)

Board of Directors:

  • Sat 26 Sep 20, at 9am
  • Thu 10 Dec 20, at 8am –
  • Sat 6 Feb 21, at 9am
  • Fri 14 May 21, at 8am – followed by school visits
  • Fri 9 Jul 21, at 8am

Executive Board:

  • Fri 13 Nov 20, at 11am
  • Fri 26 Feb 21, at 11 am

Remuneration Committee:

  • Wed 14 Oct 20,

F&A Committee:

  • Fri 4 Dec 20, at 9am
  • Thu 25 Mar 21, at 9am
  • Fri 2 Jul 21, at 9am

Springwest LGB:

  • Tue 13 Oct 20, at 8:30am
  • Wed 25 Nov 20, at 8:30am
  • Wed 31 Mar 21, at 8:30am
  • Wed 23 Jun 21, at 8:30am

Logic LGB:

  • Wed 14 Oct 20, at 8am
  • Wed 2 Dec 20, at 8am
  • Wed 24 Mar 21, at 8am
  • Wed 30 Jun 21, at 8am



TPET Annual Meeting Forecast and Year Planner – Directors and LGB

Autumn Term

Meeting Routine Agenda Points Notes
first half Board of Directors


·       Elect Chair and Vice Chair

·       Governor paperwork

·       Review Scheme of Delegation

·       Review committees

·       Set objectives for the Board for the year

·       Exam summary

·       Complaints summary

·       Pay Policy



LSS: Oct

SA: Oct

·       Elect Chair and Vice Chair (biannually)

·       Governor paperwork

·       Approve SDP

·       Teachers’ pay review

·       Exam summary

·       Pay Policy


Between end Sep and end Oct LGB to review teachers’ pay – teachers receive annual salary statement before half term
Remuneration Committee



·       Pay Policy to be agreed

·       Teachers pay review

Remuneration Committee



·       CEO and TPET performance management
second  half Board of Directors



·       Approve annual reports and accounts

·       Feedback Rem Committee:

o   Performance Management

o   Teachers pay review



31 Dec – Annual reports and accounts deadline

SA:  Dec

LSS: Dec


·       HT Report


CEO and Chair of LGB – Principals Performance Management








Spring Term 

Meeting Routine Agenda Points


first half Executive Board


During school day

Chair of Board and CEO to meet with Chairs LGBs and Principals Attendance from LGB:

·       Chair

·       Principal



Board of Directors



·       Self-review

·       Admissions

31 Jan – Publish the audited accounts on the trusts website and file with Companies House.

Admission Policy Published February

second half LGB


LSS: Mar


·       HT Report

·       Forecast meeting dates

·       Review SDP



15 Mar – Admission authorities must send a copy of their admission arrangements to the LA.



31 January, Finance:  Publish the audited accounts on the trust’s website by this date and file with Companies House (academies only).



1 March, Admissions:  National offer day for secondary schools.


School admissions code, GOV.UK – DfE, see page 27 (Adobe pdf file)

31 March, Admissions:  Admissions authorities must send a copy of their admission arrangements to the LA.


School admissions code, GOV.UK – DfE, see page 19 (Adobe pdf file)




Summer Term          

Meeting Routine Agenda Points


Notes / Deadlines
first half School Visit

18 May




Attendance (Members possibly attend):

·       Directors

·       Principals



May – Academies to submit their budget forecast return: outturn to the ESFA


second half LGB

SA: June

LSS: July



·  SDP

·      SEF

·       Review attendance of pupils, staff and governors

·       Review pupil exclusions for the year

·       Review SDP progress

·       Review careers advice

·       Review governor visits


Board of Directors

Thu  Jul


·       Board endorse budget forecast

·       Staffing Structure: SA & LSS


31 Jul – Budget forecast return deadline


May – June, Curriculum:  A-Level and GCSE exams.

August :  Review auditors prior to “period for appointing auditors”

Academies Financial Handbook:

Attendance at Board Meetings 2015-16

Director Board of Directors Meeting
30 Jun 16 24 Mar 16 7 May 16 7 Jul 16
Michael Cooper Yes Yes Yes Yes
Victoria Eadie Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nick Grant Yes apologies Yes apologies
Robert Lobatto apologies Yes Yes apologies
Julie Pears Yes apologies Yes Yes
Sandy Sehmi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charlotte Warner Yes apologies Yes Yes
Fiona Wilson N/A N/A Yes apologies